Hyundai Sonata vs. Honda Accord in San Antonio

Are you in the search for your next car? Fiesta Honda pictures you driving around San Antonio in a brand new 2017 Honda Accord. Honda vehicles outshine competitors with a variety of safe and convenient features. See how the Accord stacks up to the Hyundai Sonata and stop by today to see the how the Accord in San Antonio performs.

Choose between an automatic, manual or continuously variable transmission in the Honda Accord. The continuously variable transmission keeps the engine at the most efficient speed for improved fuel economy and offers no steps between gears. The Sonata does not offer a continuously variable transmission.

Drift compensation steering automatically compensates for road conditions that could cause the vehicle to drift from side to side helping the driver stay straight. The Hyundai Sonata does not offer drift compensation steering.

The Accord’s standard speed sensitive windshield wipers speed up and slow down when the car does alleviating the driver’s need to continuously adjust the wiper setting. The Sonata comes with manual variable intermittent wipers that must be continuously adjusted.

Enjoy the perfect cabin temperature with standard dual zone air conditioning in the Accord. The driver and front passenger sets different temperature preferences so you don’t have to compromise. Dual zone air conditioning costs extra on the Sonata and is not available on the SE/Eco model.

When your Accord goes in for scheduled maintenance, finding a Honda dealer might be easier as there are over 24% more Honda dealerships than Hyundai.

When the Honda Accord and Hyundai Sonata get compared side-by-side, it’s easy to see how the Accord offers you more! Visit Fiesta Honda today to see the Honda Accord in action. Who knows, maybe you’ll drive away a new owner


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