2016 HR-V vs. 2015 XV Crosstrek in San Antonio

Has the 2016 Honda HR-V struck your fancy? If it has, you may be researching the new Honda and researching some of its competitors, like the 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek. And you’ve probably landed on this post because you’re wondering how the HR-V and XV Crosstrek compare and contrast. Well, Benson Honda has the answers you need!

Let’s begin by exploring the XV Crosstrek’s advantages. Its standard all-wheel drive is a plus for some drivers. The HR-V offers all-wheel drive but doesn’t come with it standard. The XV Crosstrek also has a fuel tank that’s a bit larger than the HR-V’s, and it has some other extras the HR-V doesn’t come with like fog lights, a roof rack, and heated exterior mirrors.

The XV Crosstrek may be the winner for outdoorsy types, but, overall, we think the 2016 HR-V is the more versatile and appealing vehicle for most drivers (even those who like to adventure off road). What gives the HR-V a major edge over the XV Crosstrek is that it’s smaller (about 6.1 inches shorter and over 200 lbs. lighter) and still manages to offer more room for passengers and cargo. Smaller cars are easier to maneuver, and spacious cars are more comfortable and convenient. The XV Crosstrek just isn’t designed as intelligently as the HR-V, and so it doesn’t make good use of its bigger size.

In addition to the HR-V’s advantages mentioned above, it also comes with some other things that give it an edge over the XV Crosstrek. These include: standard six speed manual transmission (vs. the XV Crosstrek’s standard five-speed), a maintenance minder system, and blind spot mirrors.

Is the 2016 HR-V growing on you even more now that you’ve learned about how it compares to the 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek? Check out our models at Benson Honda!



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