Top 9 Ways the 2015 Civic Tackles the 2015 Corolla in San Antonio

The 2015 Honda Civic and 2015 Toyota Corolla are top compact car choices in the San Antonio area, and choosing between the two isn’t necessarily easy, since they both offer quite a bit. However, at Benson Honda, we believe the 2015 Civic tackles its Toyota competitor in a number of very compelling ways. Here are nine of them:

  1. To reveal cars and other objects in its blind spots, the new Civic offers blind spot mirrors. The new Corolla doesn’t.
  1. Because of its top-level performance in crash tests, the IIHS named the new Civic a Top Pick Plus for 2014. The IIHS didn’t recognize the Corolla with a top title.
  1. The Civic’s standard 4-cylinder engine produces more power and more torque than the Corolla’s 4-cylinder engine options.
  1. Car and Driver and Consumer Reports found that the Civic’s brakes proved more responsive than the Corolla’s when the vehicles were tasked with stopping from 70 mph and 60 mph.
  1. For more stability when it comes to ride and handling, the new Civic has fully independent front and rear suspensions. The new Corolla doesn’t.
  1. The Civic has vehicle speed sensitive variable-assist power steering to make parking easier. This is another feature the Corolla lacks.
  1. 3.2 inches shorter than its Toyota competitor, the 2015 Civic is easier to maneuver.
  1. With its optional coupe body style, the Civic offers some extra flair in terms of design options. The Corolla isn’t offered in a coupe body style.
  1. Ergonomically, the Civic distinguishes itself from the Corolla with things like a remote vehicle starting system and power mirror controls mounted to the driver’s armrest for easy access.

Think you’ve met your match in the 2015 Honda Civic? Take a look at the models we have at Benson Honda!


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