8 Reasons to Choose the 2015 Accord Over the 2015 Fusion in San Antonio

Benson Honda is back with another one of our car comparisons. This time around, we’ll be exploring how the 2015 Honda Accord and 2015 Ford Fusion compare, and we’ll specifically be looking at how the Accord stands out from its Ford rival. Here are nine reasons to choose the Accord over the Fusion:

  1. The new Accord’s active head restraints help protect its occupants from whiplash injury. Without active head restraints, Fusion occupants are more susceptible to whiplash injury.
  1. The Accord has a more powerful 550-amp battery (in comparison to the Fusion’s 500-amp battery). More powerful batteries offer more reliability.
  1. The Accord boasts engine options that produce more horsepower and torque than the Fusion. This is true for both its 4-cylinder engine and its V6 engine.
  1. With your choice of peppy manual transmission and efficient continuously variable transmission, the Accord distinguishes itself in comparison to the Fusion, which only comes with run-of-the-mill automatic transmission.
  1. The Accord’s active noise cancellation helps keep it quiet (and better helps ensure your comfort). The Fusion doesn’t have noise cancellation.
  1. Some of the new Accord’s standout ergonomic features include standard dual zone air conditioning, a standard locking fuel door, and standard automatic temperature control. The Fusion either does not offer these ergonomic extras or only offers them at higher trim levels.
  1. The Accord comes in a two-door body style in addition to the traditional sedan body style. The Fusion is only sold as a sedan.
  1. The Accord will save you money. Intellichoice estimates that insuring and owning it will cost less. And Kiplinger’s estimates that it will retain more of its value than the Fusion.

Ready to meet a new Accord in person? Let us know at Benson Honda!


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