Get Ready for the 2016 Pilot in San Antonio!

2016 Honda Pilot San Antonio

At Benson Honda, we think it’s hard to find a 2015 SUV that beats the 2015 Pilot, and we expect it’ll be the same case for the 2016 model year. The 2016 Pilot will be totally redesigned, and it will definitely be a force to be reckoned with. Honda just released some details about the new Pilot, and the automaker plans to premiere the vehicle at the Chicago Auto Show in just a few weeks! If you’re interested in the 2016 Honda Pilot, here are a few key facts you should know about:

– This will be the third generation Pilot! The 2015 Pilot was the last of the 2nd generation models.

– The 2016 Pilot will have top fuel economy ratings among new SUVs on the market, according to Honda.

– 9-speed automatic transmission is a possibility, but Honda hasn’t confirmed it yet.

– A powerful V6 engine option is a given.

– Its exterior will be completely reshaped and reconfigured. Some car buffs speculate that the new Pilot will take design notes from Acura.

– Advanced safety systems are expected. We can anticipate a lane departure warning system, cross-path warning system, and more.

Have we gotten you interested in the 2016 Pilot? Get ready for us to be back soon with more details about the Pilot! And get ready for the new Honda to arrive to Benson Honda this summer!


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