2014 Toyota 4Runner vs. 2015 Honda Pilot in San Antonio

Trying to get a better idea of how the 2015 Honda Pilot and the 2014 Toyota 4Runner compare? Benson Honda in San Antonio has the scoop! Here’s some pertinent information to consider about how these two SUVs stack up against each other:

Performance: 2014 4Runner vs. 2015 Pilot

The new 4Runner accelerated a little faster than the 2015 Pilot in Consumer Reports speed tests. And its V6 engine produces a little more horsepower than the Pilot’s: 270 hp vs. 250 hp. The 2015 Honda Pilot totally exceeds expectations and trumps the 4Runner when it comes to performance in other ways, though.

For starters, the new Pilot’s brakes are more responsive than the 4Runner’s and allow the vehicle to stop shorter in Car and Driver and Motor Trend tests. The Pilot also offers fully independent front and rear suspensions, which dramatically enhance handling. The 4Runner doesn’t come with a fully independent rear suspension. Plus, the Pilot’s unibody construction allows for a stiffer chassis and improved handling, and the Pilot’s track (width between its wheels) is wider than the 4Runner’s, which also improves how the Honda SUV performs on the road.

Safety: 2014 4Runner vs. 2015 Pilot

In terms of safety, the 4Runner’s most notable feature is its Safety Connect system, which connects the vehicle to emergency personnel using GPS satellites in the event of a collision. The Pilot, on the other hand, offers a number of notable and outstanding safety features. These features include height-adjustable front and middle seat shoulder belts, a three-dimensional high-strength frame that surrounds the passenger compartment, and vehicle speed sensors and seat sensors connected to airbags to maximize the efficacy of airbag deployment. The 4Runner doesn’t offer height-adjustable seatbelts for middle row passengers, a high-strength frame, or airbag-connected sensors.

Ergonomics: 2014 4Runner vs. 2015 Pilot

A few ergonomic perks like air-conditioned front seats and heated outside mirrors for quick defogging distinguish the 2014 4Runner. The Pilot, however, is the clear winner in the ergonomics department. With seating for 8 (vs. seating for 7 in the 4Runner), a remote vehicle starting system, a standard locking fuel door, standard dual-zone air-conditioning, and optional rear seat media controls, there’s nothing quite like the experience of riding in a new Pilot.

We think the 2014 4Runner can hold its own in its class but just can’t hold a candle to the 2015 Honda Pilot! If we’ve convinced you the Pilot might be a good match for your needs, give us a ring or visit us at Benson Honda!


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