Honda Summer Cheerance in San Antonio

Like memes, videos starring cute animals and funny humans, gifts, concerts, stunts, and piñatas? Then Benson Honda in San Antonio thinks you’re going to love the Honda Summer Cheerance Event! This week, Honda’s going to be spreading cheer on social media, YouTube, and in real life to 3,000,000 people. Once they’ve done this, they’re also going to donate $100,000 to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

The video posted above is a perfect example of Honda spreading cheer this week. The automaker is doing simple and delightful things like setting up piñatas on busy streets, hiding treasure on the beach, filling their YouTube channel with heartwarming videos, and bringing you happy tunes with a Cheerance Pandora station. The Cheerance Pandora station has definitely added some sunshine to our workweek at Benson Honda, and we definitely recommend checking it out.

Plus, Honda’s giving you even more reasons to rejoice by offering special pricing and financing offers on their vehicles as a part of their Summer Clearance Event. Right now, you can get in a new Honda Fit for just $149 a month for 36 months, a new Civic for just $159 a month for 36 months, a new Odyssey for just $269 a month for 36 months, and more! And all of these cars are being offered with a 0.9% APR financing rate.

Want to get happy with Honda this week? Search for “#Cheerance” on Facebook and Twitter. And contact us at Benson Honda if you want to experience the cheer of owning a Honda!


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