Honda Stage News from Your New Braunfels Honda Dealer


Benson Honda, your San Antonio and New Braunfels Honda dealer, is back with some exciting Honda news about Honda Stage. We’re here to report that Honda hosted its first of three free Honda Stage concerts on July 21 starring Demi Lovato! The concert was a preview of her World Tour and happened at Harry Bridges Memorial Park at The Queen Mary in Los Angeles.

Honda will be uploading content from the concert on their Honda Stage YouTube channel in the near future. They’ll also be uploading exclusive content from Demi Lovato’s official World Tour as it happens.

The automaker teamed up with Live Nation to put on the concert and will continue to work with Live Nation at the next two free concerts offered by Honda Stage. These concerts haven’t been announced yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as they have been!

Attendees on July 21 were able to preview sounds from Lovato’s upcoming tour and try out cool technology at stations created by Pandora, Spotify, and Tumblr.

This is just the beginning of what Honda Stage has to offer! Stay posted as we bring you the latest info about what Honda’s doing at major music festivals, concerts, the 2014 Honda Civic Tour, and more! We’ll also let you know as soon as exclusive video footage of your favorite musical artists is uploaded on the Honda Stage Channel. While you wait for the scoop about the tunes, we encourage you to stream some of your favorite music in a new Honda at Benson Honda!


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