4 Honda News Updates from Your North San Antonio Honda Dealer

2014 Honda Civic Tour

Wondering what Honda has been up to lately? Benson Honda in San Antonio is here with the scoop!  Here are four exciting news updates from the world of Honda:

1. The Honda Civic Tour lineup has been announced! Headliners include Portugal. The Man, Groupelove, American Authors, and 3Ball MTY. The tour will happen in 20 different cities, including Dallas, Boston, Salt Lake City, New York City, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Portland! Tickets are on sale in select cities now!

2. Honda just launched a revolutionary music project called Honda Stage. As a part of this project, Honda created a YouTube channel to publish exclusive recordings of musical performances by top acts at top venues and recording studios around the country. Honda will team up with the iHeart Radio Theater in L.A., LiveNation, Clear Channel, VEVO, and Sean Combs to make this project happen.

3. Honda just released video footage of some exciting new car technology. The automaker is developing an electric car that can park itself. The car will use GPS and camera technology to automatically park itself in its owner’s driveway.

4. The 2015 Fit and the 2015 Pilot (as well as the 2015 Pilot Special Edition) have arrived to all North American dealerships!

Benson Honda will be back soon with more Honda news. In the meantime, we encourage you to check out the new Hondas on our website and get in touch with us if you’d like to schedule a test drive!


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