San Antonio Hybrid Car News: New Honda Hybrid Concept

Honda Concept B Hybrid

Benson Honda is here with the latest Honda news and updates, and we’re excited to introduce you to Honda’s new hybrid concept, their Concept B Hybrid. Last month, they unveiled this cool new car at the Beijing Motor Show, and, since then, Honda enthusiasts and car buffs around the world have been abuzz.

Bolder in design than anything currently in the Honda lineup, the Concept B Hybrid definitely turned heads at the Beijing Motor Show. The car’s current exterior is sporty and sleek overall with an aggressive, large front grill and an elegantly curved hatchback rear. Honda representatives at the motor show mentioned that they think the car’s unique design will be one of its greatest (and many) strengths.

The automaker didn’t release any details about the new car’s powertrain or fuel efficiency. The hybrid will have to comply with stringent Chinese fuel economy regulations. So, we definitely think it will save its owners on gas and do the environment a favor.

As of now, Honda only has plans of releasing the new hybrid vehicle in the Chinese market. They’ve announced that they anticipate it to arrive to Chinese dealerships in two years. We hope Honda will consider adding this awesome new car to the North American lineup!

Benson Honda will keep you in the loop about the latest Honda concepts and general Honda news. So, check our blog often for the latest and greatest updates from the world of Honda!


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