New Subcompact Car in San Antonio: The 2015 Honda Fit

2015 Fit at Benson Honda

The anticipation is finally over! The 2015 Honda Fit has arrived to Benson Honda in San Antonio, and the new little car has all the bells and whistles we expected! It’s definitely making a splash on our showroom floor, and we think it would look pretty nice in your driveway too. If you want to know a little bit more about what’s different about the 2015 Fit from previous Fit models before you schedule a test drive with us, here are some key updates you should know about:

-It’s safer than ever before, with a sturdier, high-tensile steel body that uses advanced compatibility engineering to improve the way it handles crashes. Plus, it even comes with a standard rearview camera!

-Bluetooth connectivity is now a standard Fit feature!

-The 2015 Fit offers available 16-inch alloy wheels and available leather-trimmed seats.

-The new Honda comes with a redesigned body that’s boxier and more aerodynamic with an updated, more eye-catching grille.

-With a more powerful, 150 horsepower, 4-cylinder engine, the new Fit feels like a force to be reckoned with on the road!

-Fit buyers can now choose between 6-speed manual transmission and continuously variable transmission, based on how much control they want on the road. Both options maximize fuel efficiency and overall performance.

-Extra passenger volume and rear legroom make the 2015 Fit a little cozier than previous models.

And these are just some of the most pertinent updates to the 2015 Fit! We hope you’ll come see the first addition to the 2015 Honda lineup at Benson Honda. There’s a lot to discover about this new car!


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