Honda Set to Break Their Own Record at 2014 Rose Parade

Record-Breaking 274-Foot Honda Rose Parade Float

An artistic rendering of Honda’s “Keeping Dreams on Track” float.

There are a number of Honda vehicles that set records in their segment, but the record that Honda is set to break on the first day of the New Year has nothing to do with any of the vehicles in their lineup. The manufacturer is currently set to break the record for the longest Rose Parade float, a record already held by Honda. The record was set by Honda back in 2005, when their 207-foot float paraded down the streets of Pasadena, CA. That will be absolutely smashed when the record-breaking 274-foot Honda Rose Parade float hits the streets on the morning of Jan. 1.

The Rose Parade precedes the Rose Bowl Game which is always held on the first day of the New Year. It’s now the 125th year for the parade, and the 100th year for the Rose Bowl Game. 2014 will mark Honda’s 53rd year collaborating with the Tournament of Roses, and it will be the fourth consecutive year that the auto maker will be serving as the presenting sponsor. This year the theme of the parade is “Dreams Come True,” which Honda will reflect on their record-breaking float.

The Honda Rose Parade float will feature five “train” cars that share Honda’s ambitious dreams for the future. The train theme was chosen to play into the float’s theme of “Keeping Dreams on Track.” As you probably guessed, ASIMO, the world’s most advanced humanoid robot will be leading the train. Honda’s robot will be on the first train car which will be designed as a sports car-inspired locomotive car.

The second train car will be a Honda engine, likely with Earth Dreams technology, which will represent the company’s commitment to fuel-efficient mobility. The third car will showcase Honda’s task-performing robotic arm and will carry students from the TOMODACHI cultural exchange program. The fourth car will bring parade viewers onboard virtually. There will be a 30- by 10-foot LED video monitor on each side of the float which will project images of parade-goers, giving them the opportunity to virtually “ride” the float. The caboose of the float will be inspired by HondaJet, which is the worlds’ most advanced light jet.

2013 Rose Parade: American Honda float
As this slide float shows, Honda’s Rose Parade floats have been quite elaborate in the past.

On top of all of the floats, there will be approximately 9,000 flowers, nearly two-thirds of which are roses. If you’re interested in seeing the flower-laden floats, be sure to tune into the 125th Annual Rose Parade which will begin at 8 a.m. on the morning of Jan. 1. The parade will be televised on a number of different channels including ABC and NBC. If you happen to catch the parade, be sure to keep an eye out for the record-breaking 274-foot Honda Rose Parade float. We have a feeling it will be hard to miss.