Urban SUV Production Model on its Way to the States

2015 Honda Vezel U.S. Release Date

There is currently a three month-long waiting list for the Honda Vezel in Japan.

A few months ago we revealed the design of the Honda Urban SUV concept model. As we stated back in September, a production model based on the conceptual design was to be released this year in Japan, and next year here in the states. It turns out that those estimations are true, and the production model comes in the form of the Honda Vezel, which was recently unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show last month. While the American version of the crossover SUV will receive a name change before it makes its way overseas, the good news is that we will definitely be seeing a 2015 Honda Vezel U.S. release date.

The exact date of the Urban SUV’s release here in the states has not been made known yet, but if its initial launch is anything like it has been in Japan, it may be hard to come by one of these unique crossover vehicles. Apparently there is a three month waiting list for the Vezel in Japan. The appeal of the SUVs overseas is the hybrid drivetrain. Honda estimates that out of all the consumers on the waiting list, 90 percent will opt for the hybrid version of the Vezel.

The percentage of those opting for the hybrid version when the SUV hits the states will be zero, as Honda has said that at least for the initial launch, a hybrid drivetrain will not be offered here. However, a turbocharged engine is rumored. The Japanese Vezel is equipped with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine in both the fuel-only and hybrid models, but that engine isn’t likely to be found under the hood of the American version of the Urban SUV.

This new Honda turbocharged VTEC engine is a likely candidate for the U.S. version of the Vezel.

Consumers in America are quite power-hungry, and a 1.5-liter four-cylinder simply would not make the cut here. That’s why it’s expected that the engine will come turbocharged. Honda recently unveiled three all-new VTEC turbo engines at the Tokyo Motor show, so we fully expect that one of those bad boys will find its way into the new crossover when it arrives.

As of right now, there isn’t much information that has been confirmed. All we know for sure is that the Honda Vezel will make its way to America, it will carry a different name and it will be equipped with a different engine. The rest of the information is just speculation right now, but we have a feeling that our predictions are pretty accurate.

To find out more about this upcoming model, including when we will see a 2015 Honda Vezel U.S. release date, be sure to check back on the Benson Honda blog where we will have more information as it becomes available.