Honda Offers Early Look at New 2015 Honda Fit

Official 2015 Honda Fit Release Date

So far, this is the only photo Honda has released of the all-new 2015 Honda Fit.

As you are probably well aware, Honda is annoyingly secretive about their new models. Prior to their official release, it’s nearly impossible to find any confirmed information about what the new models will look like or what they will contain. For example, the manufacturer recently teased us with a sketch of the 2016 Honda Ridgeline design which is nothing but a couple of white lines. However, it seems that Honda may be coming around. The manufacturer just announced that the all-new Honda Fit will be unveiled in a little less than a month at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. There hasn’t been any word on an official 2015 Honda Fit release date, but we hope that the reveal of the new fit offers up at least a rough estimation of when it will hit the market here in the states.

Surprisingly, Honda has already released a photo that gives us a few ideas about what’s to come for the new model. The picture — which can be seen above — shows that the new Fit will share the same tail light design as its Japanese counterpart which can be seen on the bottom left. Keep in mind that the Japanese model is a hybrid, and while it’s not likely that the new U.S. model will be equipped with a hybrid powertrain, we fully expect the new Fit to look quite similar to the Japanese hybrid model.

Honda has announced that the 2015 Fit will build on the current model’s flexible cargo capability and fun-to-drive character, but the interior space and technology will both be upgraded. It has also been reported that the all-new Fit will offer “enhanced fuel efficiency” which could very well mean that a new engine is in store. Either way, Earth Dreams technology will be incorporated into the powertrain. One final upgrade that has been announced is the next-generation body structure which, according to Honda, will deliver class-leading safety ratings.

honda-fit-hybrid-japanWe have to say that we’re pretty excited about the full reveal of the new Honda Fit. Every year since its release here in the states back in 2007, the Fit has been named one of Car and Driver’s “10-Best” vehicles, and with the new additions expected for the new model, it’s likely that it will continue that streak.

To find out more about the official 2015 Honda Fit release date, be sure to check back here on the Benson Honda blog where we will have more information as it becomes available. As we said, we hope that the unveiling of the Fit next month will provide a more accurate timeline. Either way, we will have more photos and information about what will be found under the hood and under the roof.