Honda Insight Could Soon be Dropped from the Lineup

Honda Insight Facing Cancellation

The 2014 Honda Insight could potentially be the last hybrid to be manufactured.

For the last week or so, there has been a rumor floating around about the Honda Insight, and if you are a fan of the hybrid, you may not like what we’re about to tell you. The rumors are that the Honda Insight is facing cancellation.

As we told you with the 2016 Honda Ridgeline redesign, Honda is good at keeping secrets, and they have neither confirmed nor denied the rumors about ending the Insight. However, the fact that they didn’t immediately deny the rumor could be a sign that production on the fuel-efficient hybrid could soon come to fruition. If Honda planned to keep it alive, they probably wouldn’t want rumors of its demise float around the web.

The rumor stems from the fact that Honda still hasn’t begun its usual preparation for a new 2015 Insight. Typically, by this stage, advertising materials are already being prepared, but as far as anyone knows, there is nothing in the works. The upside to this is that the Insight could just be facing the same future as the Ridgeline. Honda may just be taking a break to give it a redesign.

If that’s the case, it’s not likely that there will be a 2015 Honda Insight release date, but there is potential for a redesigned model in the future. Like we said, however, nothing has been confirmed yet.

We have a gut feeling that the Insight will be dropped from the lineup completely. The sales numbers of the hybrid are showing that its popularity is steadily declining. It’s likely due to the success of the Toyota Prius which has greatly overshadowed the Insight.

Through November of this year, only 4,384 units of the Insight have been sold in here in the states. Compared to 2010, when nearly 20,000 units were sold, the 2013 numbers are all but impressive.

The interior of the Insight is subtle, yet sophisticated.

We still have faith in the hybrid here at Benson Honda, but if it does happen to go down, we can only hope that the void in the lineup left by the Insight will be filled with a new model. Perhaps the Honda City that we recently told you about could take its place. We definitely wouldn’t be too upset about that.

Right now everything is just speculation, but if Honda decides to let the cat out of the bag anytime soon, we will be sure to let you know here on our blog. In the meantime, be sure to check out our new car inventory where we have the Honda Insight — the most affordable hybrid in America — in stock.