Honda Unveils Revolutionary Airbag Smartphone Case

The Smartphone Case N a mere fraction of a second from impact. Looks like a fluffy pan of biscuits. Safe and yummy.

Honda Smartphone Case N

OtterBox has built quite a reputation over the years. Their mobile cases are known as some of the most protective cases currently available, but with the unveiling of Honda’s new mobile case, it appears the renowned OtterBox will soon have some stiff—or rather soft—competition. Honda has just launched a video that shows a prototype for the Honda Smartphone Case N, and we like what we see.

As the case is manufactured by a car manufacturer, you better believe that airbags are involved here. In fact, six fast-acting airbags come standard in every Smartphone Case N. To fit the airbags, the case is roughly three times the size of the phone itself, so keeping it in your pocket is out of the question, but we would hope that Honda plans to include some sort of chain so that the phone can be transported around the owner’s neck.

airbag-honda-smartphone-case-nFrom the looks of the video that unveils the case, we believe this model to be in its conceptual stages. Therefore, no government safety tests have been run yet. We are just going to go ahead and assume that the Smartphone Case N will receive top safety ratings from both the NHTSA and the IIHS, however. Prices for the revolutionary mobile case have not been discussed yet, but we can expect this to be at the higher end of the price spectrum.

Watch the video below to see Honda’s latest invention in action. The video is in Japanese but you can see part of the lengthy process that was required to perfect the design of the Smartphone Case N.

No one in their right mind would buy a case this bulky.

Alright, the jig is up. If you haven’t caught on by now, the Smartphone Case N is not actually real. However, the video really makes it seem like it is. It reminds us a lot of the fake Honda Hair ad that was released as part of the marketing campaign for the HondaVAC. It’s always difficult to tell whether or not Honda is serious (especially when the video is in Japanese) because they do come out with some pretty crazy things that actually are real, including the UNI-CUB personal mobility device.

To get more information on some of the other crazy inventions from Honda, be sure to check back on the Benson Honda blog where we will continue to update you about the latest Honda videos and let you know whether they are real or just for fun.

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