Glorified Honda Fit Sedan May Make its Way to America

The conceptual design for the new Honda City is basically a Honda Fit Sedan.

2015 Honda City U.S. Release Date

There is some great news for all of the Honda Fit lovers out there. A four-door variation of the popular hybrid could be making its way to America soon. Honda recently unveiled their fourth generation of the Honda City at a World Premiere event in India, and although its initial release will be limited, the manufacturer announced that the sedan will eventually make its way to 60 different markets. We’re not sure America is one of those markets, but there is definitely a good chance that we will eventually see a 2015 Honda City U.S. release date.

The Honda City is based on the widely successful Honda Fit. It’s as wide as the hatchback which it draws inspiration from, however, the City is longer and lower than the Fit. The changes are minimal, and to the untrained eye, the City is essentially a Honda Fit sedan. If the City hits the U.S. market, it could be offered as a completely separate model, or it could just expand the Honda Fit lineup.

In a press release from Honda Cars India Ltd., the manufacturer stated that the new design of the Honda City focused on three key aspects: advanced sporty design, best comfort and best fuel efficiency. As the sedan is based on the efficient Honda Fit, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that fuel efficiency was a major factor in its design.

The City was strategically designed to add space to the cabin without adding additional weight—which can greatly inhibit fuel economy ratings. It works to evolve Honda’s “man maximum machine minimum” concept which maximizes the passenger volume by minimizing the space required for mechanical components. One of the ways this was achieved in the City was with a longer wheelbase. By extending the length, the City is able to provide front and rear seat space unlike any other vehicles in its class.

Advanced sporty design was a key factor in the redesign of the Honda City.

Under the hood, the City is equipped with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine which employs Honda’s Earth Dreams technology to provide excellent performance as well as unmatched fuel economy. The City set to be released in India also makes a diesel variation of the engine available, but with the strict regulations on diesel engines here in the states, it’s not likely that the diesel engine would be made available if the Honda City ever does make its way overseas.

To find out more about this advanced sedan, and whether or not we will ever see a 2015 Honda City U.S. release date, be sure to check back here on the Benson Honda blog where we will provide you with additional information as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime you can check out our new car inventory where we have the Honda Fit available for sale.