2014 Honda Accord Continues Award-Winning Streak

The Honda Accord was recently named "2014 Green Car of the Year" by Green Car Journal.
The Honda Accord was recently named “2014 Green Car of the Year” by Green Car Journal.

2014 Honda Accord Awards

Just about every manufacturer has a flagship sedan in their lineup. These are the highest-profile and often highest-performance vehicles in the lineup. As expected, their high quality most often makes the flagship sedans their most expensive, prestigious and largest vehicles. For Honda, their flagship sedan is and always has been the Honda Accord.

What separates the Accord from other flagships out there is that the sedan is able to offers superior capabilities at prices that are more than affordable. While many flagships have sticker prices upwards of $50,000, the MSRP of the Accord never exceeds $35,000—even for the high-end V-6 trim which comes loaded with every available feature.

Honda’s flagship sedan has been on an impressive winning streak, and by the looks of it, that streak will not be ending anytime soon. The mid-size car is not only taking awards from prestigious car information publications, but is topping sales records as well. The 2014 Honda Accord Awards are nothing short of impressive.

The sedan recently nabbed a spot on Car and Driver magazine’s 2014 “10Best Cars” list. The inclusion on the list marks the 28th time in the award’s 31-year existence that the Accord has won, which is more than any other vehicle on the market. It’s also the 17th year in a row that the Accord has found a spot on the list.

“Once again, the Accord became the standard by which the largest and most competitive class of passenger cars is judged,” said Car and Driver.

The 2014 Honda Accord lineup: the Accord Coupe, Sedan, Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid.

The Accord was also just named “2014 Green Car of the Year” by Green Car Journal. As it took all Accord trims—the four-cylinder and V-6 Coupe and Sedan, the Accord Hybrid and the Accord Plug-in Hybrid—into consideration, it’s no surprise that the flagship took the award. That’s because the Accord Hybrid is capable of 50 mpg in the city and the Plug-in holds an impressive 115 miles per gallon equivalent—more than any vehicle currently on the market.1

In addition, the Accord is the top-selling retail mid-size car not only in California and New York—which are two of the largest automotive markets in the nation—but America as well. As one of the most affordable flagship sedans of any manufacturer, the 2014 Honda Accord will more than likely continue to take in more awards as time goes on.