Honda Unveils Glorified Golf Cart: the MC-beta EV

The Honda MC-beta EV is unbelievably practical, at least when it’s not raining.

Honda MC-beta Micro-Sized EV

Honda just unveiled their newest fully-electric model, and it really makes us wish that America was more susceptible to unconventional, innovative designs. The Honda MC-beta is a micro-sized EV that looks more like a glorified golf cart, but its small size makes it unbelievably practical.

Although the exact capacity of the lithium-ion battery has not been announced, Honda has said that when it’s fully charged, the MC-beta EV is capable of traveling up to 50 miles. As the EV is so compact, it receives its power from a motor rated at 6kW which has a maximum output of 11kW. It puts the top speed of the MC-beta right around 43 mph, which is more than enough for running errands or a short commute through the city.

One of the most interesting aspects of the MC-beta is the seating arrangement. It has two seats, but they are staggered to maximize storage capabilities. It makes sense, but we would imagine that holding a conversation in this EV would be sort of awkward, especially since it would be hard to hear with outside noise easily penetrating the window-less doors.

You heard us right, the MC-beta doesn’t have real doors on it which means it probably wouldn’t be too successful in northern states where cold weather consumes a great deal of the year. However, it would be excellent here in San Antonio. Our favorite part of the tiny doors is that they look like something straight off of a carnival ride which only adds to the appeal of this EV.

If only golf courses allowed you to bring your own cart.

With a 100-volt charger, the MC-Beta takes up to seven hours to charge, but with an extra 100-volts, the EV can be fully charged in less than three hours. As we said, this would be the perfect car for a stay-at-home parent—especially ones with only one child, as the MC-beta can only fit two. It may look like a golf cart, but then again, who doesn’t absolutely love to drive golf carts?

The MC-beta was unveiled at the Smart Mobility City 2013 exhibition at the Tokyo Motor Show, and although the EV’s release was not confirmed, we have a really strong belief that we will never get the Honda MC-beta EV in San Antonio. It takes a lot for Americans to accept new concepts, and while we feel that this one-of-a-kind EV would succeed, the team at Honda will probably feel otherwise.