New Honda Concept Will Be Unveiled at LA Auto Show

Honda FCEV Design Concept

A sketch of the Honda FCEV Design Concept.

We are all looking forward to getting more information on the newly designed 2014 Honda Civic at the Los Angeles Auto Show, but it appears that won’t be the only information that we’ll get. Honda has announced that a conceptual design model and further details about their new Honda FCEV Design Concept will also be made unveiled at the auto show.

If you’re not familiar with the term, FCEV stands for fuel-cell electric vehicle. Currently the Honda FCX Clarity is the only fuel-cell electric that the manufacturer offers, but with the release of the new concept model, that could definitely change. The concept could also help to raise the popularity of the fuel source. Although the FCX Clarity was made available to retail consumers in 2005, only about two dozen people currently own one.

Honda has kept the test group small in order to collect information from the vehicles and their owners. They have been using this information to advance their fuel-cell technology. Therefore, we can expect the drivetrain of the Honda FCEV Concept to be a tweaked version of the system currently in the FCX Clarity.

The FCX Clarity drivetrain consists of a hydrogen tank which stores hydrogen, a V Flow fuel-cell stack which converts that hydrogen to electricity, a lithium-ion battery which stores that electricity and a Power Drive Unit which governs and directs that electricity to the electric drive motor which propels the vehicle. As we said, the FCEV Concept is almost guaranteed to run on a similar system.

The five components of the FCX Clarity’s drivetrain.

The Honda FCEV Concept is another way that the manufacturer is paving the way towards a zero-emissions future. Many of the vehicles in the lineup are adopting hybrid technology, and it may not be long before the models are exclusively hybrids or fuel-cell-powered vehicles. Currently the sketch of the Honda FCEV Concept is all that has been made available. We will have to wait until Nov. 20 to get pictures of the conceptual design.

The FCEV Concept is just one of the two that Honda has under wraps. Not too long ago we told you about the Honda Urban SUV Concept which will serve as the basis for a new production model being released in the states sometime next year. To find out more about future concept models and other Honda vehicles, follow our blog where we post useful Honda information nearly every other day.