Information on the Holiday River Parade & Lighting Ceremony

Holiday River Parade & Lighting Ceremony San Antonio

One of the many barges that took place in last year’s Holiday Parade.

The Holiday River Parade & Lighting Ceremony in San Antonio has taken place over the last 30 years, and it is one of the most unique parades out there. If you haven’t checked it out before, we highly suggest that you do this year. As it always takes place the Friday after Thanksgiving, this year’s parade will be held on Nov. 29.

The festivities will once again be kicked off by Mayor Julian Castro who will throw the switch on the lights at 7pm. This is definitely one of the highlights of the night, as there are roughly 1.75 million LED lights that illuminate the San Antonio River Walk. Seeing them all come on at once is truly a magical experience.

Once the lights are switched on, the parade begins. As you can imagine, it takes place on the river, rather than the road. There is a whole boatload of barges and floats that pass by, many of which feature local and national celebrities, bands and musicians which is why tickets are required.

While anyone can check out the parade, we recommend that you pay the extra money for reserved seating. You can typically find reserved seats from businesses along the river for roughly 10-20 dollars, and the price is more than worth it, as you’re guaranteed to have a great view of everything. However, tickets for River Parade always run out quickly, and as it’s a little more than three weeks away, we suggest that you stop procrastinating and purchase tickets for a reserved spot today.

Our very own Tom Benson in last year’s parade.

If you are not able to secure a ticket, or are completely unable to make the event, there is some good news. As many of the barge patrons are celebrities and because this is such a beautiful and unique event, the Holiday River Parade and lighting ceremony is nationally televised. So if you have to work that Friday, you can always DVR it. Also, the lights remain lit until the first of January, so there is plenty of time for you to check it out.

For more information on events going on in the community, and for information on the upcoming holidays, be sure to check back on the Benson Honda blog. If you want to experience a lighting ceremony of your own, schedule a test drive in one of our new 2014 Honda models. As soon as you get behind the wheel, we guarantee that your face will light up. For us, that look of awe is just as inspiring as 1.5 million LED lights.