Three Honda Models Make October Best-Sellers List

10 Best-Selling Vehicles: October 2013

The Civic beat out the Toyota Corolla to become the best-selling compact car of 2013.

Monthly and annual sales numbers for a particular model are important to us as a dealership, but they can also be pretty useful for buyers like you, as they help to show what the current trends are. We are always backing up the quality of Honda vehicles, but most of our customers think that we’re saying that because we have to. However, we’re not the only ones saying it, and the latest car sales report helps us to prove it. The list of the 10 best-selling vehicles: October 2013 included not one, but three Honda models. That’s more vehicles than any other manufacturer had on the list.

Perhaps the best news about the addition of the October numbers is that the Honda Civic is officially the best-selling compact car in America. With 280,889 units sold so far this year, the Civic knocked the Toyota Corolla—which has sold 257,184 units—out of the number one spot. Overall, the Civic is the fifth most-sold vehicle of October and the sixth most-sold vehicle so far this year. It’s not far behind the Honda Accord which has sold 307,264 units this year, making it the fourth most-sold vehicle of the year and the sixth most-sold vehicle of October. The third Honda vehicle that made the best-selling list is the Honda CR-V which sold 22,554 units and came in at number eight.

It’s not too surprising that these are the three models to make the list. The Civic and the Accord have been at the top of best-seller lists for many years, and the CR-V continues to rise in popularity. That’s because Honda does not just sit on their success like most manufacturers. Even though the vehicles are successful, all three of them continue to receive upgrades year after year.

The list of the ten best-selling vehicles of October includes three Honda models.

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As they are some of our most popular models, we always have a wide variety of Honda Civic, Accord and CR-V vehicles in our new car inventory. As we said, we rave about the quality of Honda cars and the sales numbers help to prove that quality, but it’s hard to get an idea of that superior quality unless you experience it for yourself. If you are interested in getting behind the wheel of one of these best-selling vehicles, be sure to get a hold of us or schedule a test drive today. We hope to see you soon.