What to Know if Your Car Was Bumped in the Night

Halloween Pranks Covered by Car Insurance

If your car is egged, attempt to clean the mess up. If you catch it in time, the yolk may not do any damage.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, cars are twice as likely to be vandalized on Halloween night. The damages can consist of everything from egg yolks to slashed tires and broken windows. Hopefully you or nobody that you know had cars that were victims of last night’s festivities, but if you were, we’re going to let you in on some information that you’re going to want to read. Here are a couple Halloween pranks covered by car insurance.

Thankfully, just about every single one of the most popular Halloween car damages is covered by insurance. That includes a broken car window or slashed tires which are covered under comprehensive—better known as “other than collision”—coverage. This doesn’t mean that you should go out and slash your tires as some form of insurance fraud. The insurance company takes the depreciation of the tires into account. So if the tires were worn down or bald, you’re not going to get a check to cover the cost of a brand new set.

Another popular prank includes objects being thrown at vehicles. Whether it be eggs or pumpkins, damages from both of the messy objects are covered under comprehensive coverage. If you are able to spot egg yolk on your car early enough, try to clean it off. Avoiding a claim is your best bet. However, if it’s too late, insurance should cover the cost for paint. Once again, that doesn’t mean that you should spray your car with eggs to get a new paint job. Insurance will likely only foot the bill for the paint to cover the spots that were damaged.

Halloween pranks such as smashing pumpkins are quite common.

If a black cat crossed your path and made you an unlucky victim of a Halloween prank, just remember that we offer some of the best auto service and repair in San Antonio. Figure out what insurance will cover and bring your car over to Benson Honda to get it back in tip-top shape. If your car was totaled during the festivities—that would be one terrible prank—always remember that we offer a wide variety of makes and models in our new and used car inventory. We hope you enjoyed your holiday, check back on our blog later this month for some Thanksgiving advice.