Honda Makes its Mark in Autonomous Car Technology

Two Honda Fit EVs automatically return to the drop-off point.

Honda Automatic Valet Parking System

If you’ve ever been to a parking structure, you know how frustrating it can be to find a spot. You waste time slowly creeping around every corner, and when you finally land a spot on the highest level, you have to spend even more time finding the exit and getting back down to ground level. Honda is working to eliminate all of that hassle with the Honda Automatic Valet Parking System.

The system was developed to work with Honda Fit EVs, but it would be able to operate any autonomous vehicle. The system combines information from the rear-view camera on the car—which has become standard in the majority of new models—with cameras positioned around the parking lot. It allows drivers to drop off their car at a set location, and with a couple of taps on a touchscreen display, the car can park itself from the drop-off point, and return when the driver summons it.

Cars can be parked and returned to the drop-off zone with the touch of a few buttons.

One of the biggest benefits of this system is that the only system required on the car is a rear-view camera. However, the parking lot must be equipped with the technology in order for the automatic valet system to work. Some manufacturers are beginning to implement systems in their cars which can automatically park the cars without any required systems in the parking lot. The problem with those systems is that they require a plethora of lasers and other systems to park themselves. Honda’s alternative is a much lower-cost system.

The automatic valet system is just another big step towards fully autonomous cars. Honda has said that the system could be practical by 2020. That’s also the year that many manufacturers plan to have fully autonomous cars commercially available. From the demonstrations that we have seen, we believe that date is quite realistic.

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