Benefits of the 2014 Honda CR-V are No Illusion

2014 Honda CR-V Diesel US Release Date

Looks pretty dangerous, but is it really?

The deals here at Benson Honda are no illusion. Ask any of our many loyal customers and they will tell you that what sets us apart from other dealerships is that we don’t attempt to fool you in any way. What you see is what you get. However, that’s not the case in the new 2014 Honda CR-V ad, which is one of the coolest car commercials that we’ve ever seen. Now, we know we say that every time we show you a Honda ad, but we’re serious this time. Take a look at the ad at the bottom of the page.

As you’ll probably notice, the ad is for the new diesel-fueled Honda CR-V which is getting a limited release in Europe. Unfortunately that means it could be a while before we see a 2014 Honda CR-V Diesel U.S. release date. However, many manufacturers are beginning to bring diesel engines to the states, so there is a chance that we could eventually see this fuel efficient SUV in our showroom. It will all depend on how well Americans handle the outbreak of diesel vehicles that will take place indefinitely next year.

The world’s tallest woman next to the Honda CR-V?

The good news is that we have currently have the gas-powered Honda CR-V in our showroom in San Antonio, and as we said, this SUV isn’t playing any games. It has extreme potential blow your mind, but it will do so without deceiving you. Let’s look at an example.

The CR-V is capable of 31 mpg on the highway. Mind blowing, we know. Now fuel economy ratings are estimated. To be honest, it’s rare that a vehicle actually gets that unless the driver is aware of how to drive efficiently. This is where the CR-V strips away all deception. The SUV has a Eco driving mode which uses a system of lights on the instrument panel to help increase fuel efficiency. When the vehicle is achieving maximum efficiency, the lights glow green, letting the driver know that they are getting every single one of the estimated 31 miles out of each gallon.

If you’re interested in learning more about the 2014 Honda CR-V, be sure to check out the Benson Honda blog where we have a category dedicated specifically to information on the SUV. Be sure to check out our new car inventory and schedule a test drive today. We promise that our professional service will make your worries of working with dealerships magically disappear.