Honda Fit Remains Prime Target for Street Racers

15-inch alloy wheels are ideal for low-profile street racing cars, making the Honda Fit a prime target.

Honda Fit Wheel Theft Trend

There’s something strange going on with the Honda Fit that we find kind of interesting. The tiny hybrids are in high demand for street racers. You’re probably scratching your head in confusion, and we can assure you that we didn’t make any typos. The catch here is that street racers aren’t targeting the Honda Fit because they want to race them— in fact, all they want are the wheels. Let’s take a look at the reasoning behind this Honda Fit wheel theft trend.

While big wheels and tires help to add some luxury and authority to a car, when it comes to street racing, the smaller the tires the better. Cars designed for street racing sit low to the ground so the 15-inch alloy wheels on the Fit are perfect. The wheels continue to be stolen because they are worn down quickly. The Fit was not designed for high speeds, and neither were the wheels. Street racers burn through the tires quickly, and rather than going out and buying a new set every other week, they are turning to the streets to find new shoes for their racers.

Wheel thieves are also on the prowl for small wheels because it has been said that they are worth a lot of money on the illegal car parts market where street racers who don’t steal the wheels themselves can purchase sets of them. Out of all the cars in the world, who would’ve thought that the innocent little Honda Fit would become a target for mass thefts?

If you have a small car that you park in the driveway overnight, we recommend that you install motion sensor lights outside. You can also buy lockable lug nuts which require a special lug wrench to remove. Another option would be to install an alarm system on your car. In this scenario, one of the best options would be to install a car alarm—particularly one with a tilt sensor. Tilt sensors can detect when the car is being lifted up by a jack which can deter the thief from ever getting the car off the ground.

Lockable lug nuts make it more difficult for thieves to get to your wheels.

By shedding light on this strange crime we hope that we can help you from getting your tires stolen in the future. If you do happen to get the tires on your Fit or Civic, just remember that we offer auto service and repair and can replace the rims and tires with authentic wheels from Honda. Schedule an appointment online today. While you’re here you can check out our new car inventory where we have small-wheeled cars such as the Honda Fit. We also have a variety of makes and models in our used car inventory. With the wide selection at Benson Honda, we are sure to find the right “fit” for you.

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