New Honda N Box + Not Likely to Hit American Showrooms

It’s not likely that we will see the N Box + in America, but we can only hope.

U.S. Honda N Box + Release Date

When it comes to cars in America, style often outweighs practicality. We are so focused on having a clean looking, stylish car that we stray from those with useful features because they sacrifice some style. It’s too bad, because it’s for that reason that we will never see a U.S. Honda N Box + release date. The Honda N Box + is limited to a Japan release, so we actually have no idea what is being discussed in the new ad for the vehicle, but the language barrier doesn’t get in the way of seeing how versatile the storage is in the vehicle. There’s even a ramp that pulls out of the back, making this thing look like a tiny U-Haul truck.

Another neat capability of the Honda N Box + which you can see in the video is that all the seats fold completely flat—including the two front seats. It pretty much turns the N Box + into a massive storage unit. Add on boxy styling and it’s clear to see why the vehicle was named after a box. Check out the video below to see a few more of the N Box + capabilities. As we said, unless you know Japanese, you will have no idea what’s going on, but beyond the confusion you can see just how practical this vehicle would be in America.

Another great feature of the Honda N Box + is that the manufacturer has designed it to be as light as a box. It’s something that Honda has been trying to do to all of their vehicles. By cutting back the weight of the vehicle, the fuel efficiency can be greatly increased. The decreased fuel economy also helps the vehicles to conform to the emissions standards in the states. That sounds like it would be good news for those who are interested in the Honda N Box + but as we said, it’s not likely that this one will be shipped to the U.S. any time soon.

The only thing that we can do is hope that something similar to the N Box + is released. Until then, you can browse through our new car inventory where we have a lot of other great Honda vehicles. Keep checking back on the Benson Honda blog to get more information about new models like the N Box. We’re always providing you with useful information about anything and everything Honda.