2014 Honda CR-Z Officially Available for Sale

The 2014 Honda CR-Z was rated as a Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

2014 Honda CR-Z in San Antonio, TX

The wait for the next 2014 Honda model to be released is over, as the manufacturer announced that the 2014 Honda CR-Z is officially available for sale today. Now, as the sport hybrid was just made available today, it may be a little bit before we get the 2014 Honda CR-Z in San Antonio, TX, but we can assure you that it is coming. While the two-passenger hybrid was not completely redesigned, it was upgraded with a more powerful battery, increased power and some improvements in styling. The CR-Z also remains as the only hybrid which offers a manual transmission. It really adds to the sporty feel of this hybrid.

Under the hood of the CR-Z is a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine which works in tandem with a 15-kilowatt electric motor. Powering the electric motor is a 144-volt Lithium-ion battery pack. If you read out post about the advantages of Lithium-ion batteries in our blog, you would know that this is one of the best options battery-wise for a hybrid.

Perhaps one of the best features of the CR-Z is a regenerative braking system which works to capture the kinetic energy normally lost in braking and coasting to constantly provide energy to the battery. This keeps the CR-Z from ever having to be plugged in. You’ll forget that you’re even driving a hybrid. That is until you realize that you’ve cut your trips to the pump in half.

One of the highlights of the CR-Z is the option of three different driving modes—Normal, Sport and Econ. The modes allow drivers to adjust the amount that each engine works. In the normal mode the engines work together to provide a combined output of 130 horsepower—a significant increase from many of the compact hybrids on the market. In sport mode the majority of the CR-Z power comes from the 1.5-liter engine, and in Econ mode, the electric motor is more heavily relied on. These modes allow the CR-Z to get power when it’s needed, and efficiency when it’s not.

Pushing the S+ button on the 2014 CR-Z primes the engine for a ten second boost of acceleration.

In addition to the driving modes is a Plus Sport System which is controlled by a “S+” button on the steering wheel. When the button is pushed, the engine is primed for increased acceleration, and when the driver hits the gas pedal, a ten second boost of power kicks in. It’s one of the many features which make the CR-Z a blast to drive.

As we said, it may be some time before we get the CR-Z in San Antonio, TX, but it’s good to know that the 2014 Honda CR-Z release date has finally arrived. If reading about this hybrid got you so charged up that you just don’t want to wait, you can check out our new car inventory where we have some of the previous CR-Z models available. However, if you want the cream of the crop, check out our financing options so that when we do get the 2014 Honda CR-Z in San Antonio, TX, you will be all set to go. Get a hold of us at Benson Honda if you have any questions.