Honda Offers Great Deals for New and Recent Graduates

Honda Graduate Program Criteria

The Honda Graduate Program makes it easy for you to find a car right after graduation, even when money is tight.

Here at Benson Honda, we are proud to sell Honda vehicles, as the manufacturer is a lot like us. We’re always offering some great specials on new and used cars, but we’re not the only ones who are able to help you out with a great deal on a car. Honda recognizes that graduating from college is a major accomplishment, so they created the Honda Graduate Program to assist recent graduates in becoming a car owner. Let’s take a look at the Honda Graduate Program criteria.

The program is limited to those who have recently graduated and found a job, or for those who have a prospective start date within 120 days of signing the contract on a new Honda. It is for all students who have earned a Master’s, Bachelor’s or associate degree from a U.S. accredited college in the past two years, or students who will do so in the next four months.

Honda understands that when you first graduate, money is kind of hard to come by—and even with a new job lined up, it could take a while to save up enough for a down payment. That’s why they have cut the upfront cost in half. Down payments on cars are typically about 11 percent of the total cost. With the Honda Graduate Program, the down payment is five percent of the vehicle cost.

As an extra pat on the back for graduating, Honda knocks 500 dollars off of that total cost. It may not seem like much when compared to the cost of the car, but if you think about it, 500 dollars covers about two to three months of car payments that would normally have to be made. If you decide to lease a Honda, those 500 dollars are applied to the cap cost of the vehicle.

If you graduated in the last two years, or will be graduation in four months, you could qualify for the Honda Graduate Program.

As we said, in order to qualify for the Honda Graduate Program, you must have both a degree and a job lined up. You also cannot have an adverse credit history. While you have the choice of buying or leasing, the model must be a 2013 or 2014.

To get more information about the Honda Graduate Program or any of the new models which can be purchased through the program, get a hold of us here at Benson Honda. If you’re graduation date is set for this December and you have a job lined up already, we can get you behind the wheel of a new Honda today. However, if you’re graduating in spring, you still have a little bit of time. While you wait you can check out our new car inventory where we have a lot of great vehicles including some of the recently released 2014 Honda models. Good luck with the rest of school. We hope to hear from you soon!