Honda Provides Four Additonal Drive-Ins with Projectors

Honda’s Project Drive-In

Ry Russell reacts as he finds out that he is the recipient of a new digital projector.

Last month we told you about Honda’s Project Drive-In, which is a national effort by Honda to save drive-in movie theaters by distributing digital projectors. Originally Honda had plans to give out a total of five projectors, but after more than 2.5 million votes were casted among the 150 qualifying drive-ins, Honda decided to extend their generosity. They recently awarded an additional four projectors, for a total of nine drive-ins saved. Perhaps the most exciting thing is that Honda still hasn’t shut down the project. The project’s website states “9 down 140 to go.”

Every drive-in theater in America is in danger of being closed as new films will no longer be distributed on 35mm film. The end of 35mm film is 95 days away, and many drive-in theaters are in desperation. The only possible way drive-in theaters can remain viable is to make the switch to digital projection—a change that can cost upwards of $80,000. As of now, the cost for the projectors has come out of Honda’s pocket, but contributions continue to be raised, and will hopefully go towards another projector. So far a total of 41,695 people have donated money to the project for a grand total of $46,581.

These projectors are huge. Drive-ins are literally going to have to shut down if they don’t receive a projector. Check out this video here which shows some of the recipients of a new digital projector:

This video just goes to show how crucial this project is. Unfortunately there aren’t any drive-in theaters in San Antonio on the list, but that’s not even the biggest problem here. We are in danger of losing a classic part of Americana. Be sure to check out the Project Drive-In website and make a contribution. If you’re looking to see a movie tonight, don’t forget to support Mission Drive-In in San Antonio. If you need a seat, we have plenty of options for you in our new car inventory and used car inventory.