More Treats than Tricks Expected for Accord Hybrid Release

2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Release Date

A combined fuel economy of 47 mpg is just one of the treats that can be found in the Accord Hybrid.

We just recently told you about how the 2014 Accord Hybrid will be capable of an outrageous 50 mpg in the city, but there is some even more exciting news. The 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid release date has finally been revealed. After returning from a one year hiatus, Honda has announced that the fuel-efficient four-door sedan will hit showroom floors this Halloween, and we’re expecting it to bring more treats than tricks.

Something that you’ll be glad to hear is that the prices are anything but frightening. The MSRP of the base model hybrid is $29,155. The fuel economy is double that of some other vehicles, so if you think about cutting your trips to the pump in half, that price really starts to reveal the smiling face hiding behind the scary looking monster mask. As always, with additional features comes a higher sticker price. The MSRP of the EX-L is $31,905 and the Touring is suggested at $34,905. As we said, once you see all that these models have to offer, the prices are justifiable.

The Accord Hybrid should not be confused with the Accord Plug-In. The Accord Hybrid does not require charging.

All models will come standard with a blind spot monitoring system. That’s a feature not found in any competitor hybrids. They also come equipped with LED daytime running lights which stay illuminated throughout the day and ensure that not a single head remains unturned. The cool blue lights look even more eerie when the Honda Accord Hybrid goes bump in the night. Of course comfort joins the standard features with a 10-way power adjusting driver’s seat and dual-zone automatic climate control.

Something you should know is that this hybrid is not the Accord Plug-In model that we have been telling you about. That is a completely separate vehicle. The Accord is one of Honda’s most popular models, so the manufacturer is offering a slew of options for it. The Honda Accord Hybrid will not require charging; it does all of that on its own. To find out more about when exactly the 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid will come knocking on the door of Benson Honda, get a hold of us. If you’re not much for hybrids, we do have the 2014 fuel-only Accords in our extensive new car inventory. Don’t be scared to get a hold of us today.