After 40 Years of Airbags Honda’s are Among the Safest

Honda Airbag System

Side-curtain airbags have been included in every row of every Honda vehicle since 2008.

It has been 40 years since the first car with a passenger airbag became available for sale to the public. It was the 1973 Oldsmobile Toronado that got the safety feature now standard in just about every vehicle imaginable. In the last 40 years, vehicle airbags have really taken on quite a transformation. We’re sure that you’re award of the driver and passenger airbags, but you may not know how many other airbags your car is loaded up with. There are even airbags for passengers in the back of many vehicles now. Honda is one manufacturer that has spent additional time on perfecting their airbags. Let’s take a closer look at the Honda Airbag System.

Honda’s first airbag implemented in 1980 deployed upwards rather than directly at the passenger. It was this innovation which set the bar for other manufacturers. Honda was the first company to make driver and front passenger airbags standard in every model, something they did well before the federal government made the airbags a mandatory requirement.

Honda vehicles are family vehicles, so they are built to protect. A great example of that fact is the 2014 Honda Odyssey which is the only minivan to ever earn the Top Safety Pick+ award in government testing. In the event of a serious impact or rollover, the Odyssey has side and multiple-threshold airbags in the front. These bags basically fill up the entire front of the vehicle. Every row of the minivan is also protected by side-curtain airbags. The side-curtain airbags are a feature which have come standard in every row of every Honda vehicle since 2008.

This photo from the Honda Odyssey crash test shows that in the event of a crash you and all passengers are protected from all sides.

Another great feature about Honda vehicles airbags is that they don’t just deploy with a small accident. There are sensors all around the vehicle which can judge whether or not the airbags should be deployed. If they are deployed, they inflate based on a number of different factors including the speed of the vehicle and whether or not passengers are wearing seatbelts. For additional safety, an occupant position detection system can judge the size of the passenger in the seat. If a child or small-statured adult is in the trajectory of the airbag, it will not deploy. This is something that can only be found in a Honda.

We have the 2014 Honda Odyssey available in our new car inventory at Benson Honda. It has earned a Top Safety Pick+ rating, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only safe vehicle we have. As we said, every row of every Honda vehicle has been equipped with side-curtain airbags since 2008. This means that you can even find an extremely safe vehicle loaded with airbags in our used inventory.

To see all Honda’s airbags in action, watch this 2014 Honda Odysseycrash test video from the IIHS.