Honda Urban SUV Concept Within Grasp in U.S.

Honda Urban SUV Concept

The Honda Urban SUV Concept will be smaller than the CR-V and will focus on fuel economy.

There is something great about concept vehicles. While new models usually come with upgrades, the changes aren’t usually too drastic. There may be some additional features or a tweak in the design, but they still blend together. Concept vehicles are completely different. They allow for complete creative control because there is no standards that it has to adhere to. This makes for some pretty futuristic vehicles like the new Honda Urban SUV Concept.

The concept is a small crossover which is expected to have a major focus on fuel efficiency. At 169.3 inches in length, the concept is smaller than the Honda CR-V, meaning that the fuel economy will be greater. The 2014 Honda CR-V already gets an impressive 31 mpg highway, so the concept SUV is likely to put up best-in-class numbers with Earth Dreams technology under the hood. That technology has been predicted to work with a 1.5-liter engine with a continuously variable transmission.

One of the neat design features of the Urban SUV Concept is the back door handles. The handles sit flush with the body which gives the concept vehicle a sleek coupe-like appearance. On the inside, a magic seat setup will provide a wide variety of options for both seating and storage. Honda has announced that the Urban SUV Concept is going to be priced and positioned below the CR-V so total passenger and cargo capacity is expected to be less than the successful crossover SUV. This is Honda’s goal as they are billing the concept vehicle as the ideal sized car for “navigating both crowded streets and open mountain roads.”

The Honda Urban SUV Concept is expected to launch in Japan by the end of this year, but should reach the U.S. market sometime next year. Be sure to keep updated with our blog to get the latest news on the futuristic concept model. If you’re looking for something a little more reserved, you can check out our used car inventory. While we offer used Honda vehicles, we also offer a variety of models from other manufacturers. We have something for everything at Benson Honda.

The back door handles sit flush with the body of the concept vehicle giving it a stylish, coupe-like look.