HondaLink App Opening Up at Benson Honda

HondaLink App

The HondaLink EV app helps to keep track of your electric battery power.

Picture yourself in an unfamiliar city. Somewhere way north of San Antonio. It’s December and freezing cold. You’re driving around and you need a cup of coffee badly, but you want to try something local, something amazing. With HondaLink you can find that place without ever taking your eyes off the road.

The HondaLink app, which was tested in the 2013 Honda Accord, will now be making a more significant appearance in Honda’s models. It is just another way that Honda is rewarding their loyal customers. HondaLink works with your smartphone to stream information and environment into your car. What makes this technology so awesome is that it is all hands free.

Hands free means that information will be relayed through text-to-voice technology. You can hear and send text messages without ever touching your phone. You can get an audio report of your Facebook news feed, or listen to your favorite book or podcast. The possibilities are endless.

The smartphone, connected by Bluetooth for Androids and cable for iPhones, will act as the host for the applications as well as the connection for the internet. The app will confirm and connect with your specific vehicle to ensure optimum performance.

A screenshot from the interface shows a few of the features HondaLink will be capable of.

An additional app, HondaLink EV, will be available for owners of the 2014 Honda Fit and 2014 Honda Accord Plug-In. This app is perfect for people who are new to electric technology. The app can pull up a live look at your battery level and driving range no matter where you are. It also helps you to keep track of your charging schedule and to find charging stations.

Not many other manufacturers offer options like this. It has just begun to take off, but Honda has said that the 2013 Honda Accord was just the beginning. We can expect to see HondaLink in more models and upper trim levels. More for the customers is exactly what we like to hear at Benson Honda in San Antonio. If you can’t wait to get started with the HondaLink, you can check out our 2013 Honda Accords as well as our 2013 Honda CR-Vs, both of which are capable of hooking up with the HondaLink app.