Reduce Your Environmental Footprint with Honda’s Earth Dreams Engine

2014 Honda Earth Dreams Engine

The Earth Dreams technology has been implemented for fuel-only cars, as well as hybrids.

Honda only implemented their Earth Dreams technology in a few of the 2013 model engines, but their belief in the technology is strong. After seeing the fuel economy ratings of the 2014 models, all which have Honda Earth Dreams engines, our trust in their performance is just as strong here in San Antonio. A $215 million investment was just put into the Ohio plant where powertrain technologies and a technical training center will soon be built. That means even better efficiency in the near future. As if they weren’t efficient enough already.

You may be wondering how these Earth Dream engines are able to maximize efficiency. The direct inject engine works by improving thermal efficiency and minimizing friction. The thermal efficiency is part of the reason this engine is so eco-friendly. The cooling system has managed to reduce the CO2 output of other Honda engines by over 15%. When you add up the amount of cars that will be using this technology, the reduction in CO2 emissions is quite high.

The green impact continues for certain models which have introduced a hybrid element. That is using a combination of electricity and gasoline to power the vehicle. A special lithium-ion battery, capable of fully charging in less than three hours, works as the source for electricity. The new 2014 Honda Accord will be one of the models to use this battery, the first time an Accord will be offered as a hybrid.

The Earth Dreams engines come in a variety of forms.

The Honda Earth Dreams hybrid engines offer three separate driving modes: sport, normal and econ. Each mode is designed for various driving styles, and alters the engine performance accordingly.

Compared to a lot of the engines on the market today, the Honda Earth Dreams Engine is a superior eco-friendly engine. With large investments going into improving the engines, it will be interesting to see just how efficient these engines will become. At Benson Honda in San Antonio, we are pleased to give you more information about these innovative engines. We offer both fuel-only and hybrid options which utilize this technology.