2014 Honda Fit is Reigning Champ in Battle against 2014 Ford Focus Electric

2014 Honda Fit vs 2014 Ford Focus Electric

The Honda Fit offers three driving modes allowing you to decide how it drives.

Fully electric cars may not be too popular at the moment, but they really are the way of the future. If you have been thinking about making the move to a gasless car, finding one that suits you can be difficult. Benson Honda in San Antonio doesn’t think so. We have decided to throw the 2014 Honda Fit in the ring with 2014 Ford Focus Electric to show you just how superior Honda is. Ladies and gentlemen, we present the 2014 Honda Fit vs 2014 Ford Focus Electric.

We’ll start off first by giving you the information that is really important when it comes to buying electric. Just how far can an electric car travel on one charge? The 2014 Ford Focus Electric has a combined MPGe of 110. The 2014 Honda Fit combined MPGe of 118 delivers the first solid jab.

We understand that MPGe can be less of a concern for buyers. Some don’t feel it is a relevant statistic, so let’s look at the combined range next. On a full charge the 2014 Honda Fit is estimated at a range of 82 miles. That’s quite a distance, especially when compared to the estimated 76 mile range of the 2014 Ford Focus Electric.

Here at Benson Honda we have found that one of the biggest concerns our customers have had with buying an electric car deals with the charging. A common question is: how long does it take an electric car to charge? They are worried that there aren’t enough charging stations, or that they won’t have the time to wait for the car to drive between drives. Honda delivers another deathly blow to Ford in this category as well.

The Fit can be charged quicker with a 120 volt outlet than a Focus Electric using a 240 volt.

From a low battery indicator light, the 2014 Honda Fit can be charged in about an hour with a 240-volt plug-in. With a 120-volt outlet, the time is obviously a bit longer, but not by much. From low battery indication point a 120-volt plug can charge the Honda Fit in three hours. That’s less time than it takes to charge the Ford Focus Electric with a 240-volt outlet. The Focus requires four hours for 240 volts. Now brace yourself for this blind-sider. With a 120-volt outlet the 2014 Ford Focus Electric can take anywhere from 18 to 20 hours to charge. That hurts.

Look at everything that matters about a fully-electric car it is clear to see who needs to throw in the towel. The 2014 Honda Fit offers a longer range and an unbelievably short charging time. It’s why we can’t wait to start selling the 2014 Honda Fit in San Antonio. It really is a knockout.