The Honda Civic Tourer Has Been Unveiled But There’s One Slight Problem

We Won’t Be Seeing The 2014 Honda Civic Tourer in San Antonio

Unfortunately, the 2014 Honda will not be released in America.

Believe it or not, station wagons just got cool again, and of course Honda was the one to pull it off. Short of its official release at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, Honda revealed the 2014 Honda Civic Tourer. Let’s just say Honda has come a long way from the wagons they released back in the eighties.

We know you’re probably skeptical, but we can assure you we’re not lying about how cool this thing is. The only problem is that it will not be released in America. That means that it could be quite a while before you see a 2014 Honda Civic Tourer in San Antonio.

It’s likely that the Tourer isn’t being released in America simply because of the style of the car. In Europe the wagon-style vehicle is much more widely accepted. However, looking at the Tourer, it’s amazing that America hasn’t followed the trend. The Tourer say was designed to have a sports-car silhouette which is likely why it just seems to radiate style.

The Tourer is a big step up from the station wagons released in the eighties.

The Tourer comes with two engine options. Complete with Honda’s new Earth Dreams technology is a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder i-DTEC engine. That means it takes diesel which we think is pretty cool. The other option is a 1.8-liter i-VTEC engine. Not many specifics have been released for this particular model, but seeing as it’s a Honda, we can only imagine that they will be impressive.

The official release of the 2014 Honda Civic Tourer is expected to be early next year. In the meantime we will just have to be jealous of all the Europeans who will be the first to get their hands on this one of a kind wagon. If you’re into the older station wagons from the eighties, you can browse our used car inventory to check out what we have available.