Get Your Honda Civic Tour Tickets Now

Honda Civic Tour Tickets

The Honda Civic tour will be coming to Austin, Woodlands and Dallas.

The Honda Civic Tour is coming back for another year, are you have three chances to check it out in Texas. Here at Benson Honda we wish it were coming to San Antonio, but unfortunately it is not. You still have a chance to see the 2013 Honda Civic Tour in Austin, Dallas and Woodlands. If you want to check out this amazing event, you better hurry up and get some tickets, because it is selling out quickly.

Honda Civic Tour tickets for the Woodlands show are currently unavailable. Luckily there are still tickets available for the Austin show, but those are getting low as well. The 2013 Honda Civic Tour will feature Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkson. Also at the tour will be Rozzi Crane, PJ Morton and Tony Lucca from The Voice.

The tour began in 2001 and has only been getting bigger every year. Since the beginning, the headlining artists have customized a one of a kind Civic. This year the Civic Si Coupe was designed by Maroon 5. Just looking at it makes us here at Benson Honda in San Antonio want one. If you attend any of the concerts, you have a chance to win one. The car will be available to win in a raffle.

You could have a chance to win this Civic Si Coupe customized by Maroon 5.

With as big as this tour is going to be, the chances of winning, while there, are slim. Thankfully we have a few Honda Civic Si for sale in San Antonio. If you’re not old enough to drive, but you love Maroon 5, you also have a chance to meet them before the show.

This is your last warning. The chance to get 2013 Honda Civic Tour tickets is running out. The Austin show will be on September 18 and the Dallas show will be on September 22. If tickets run out for the Austin performance and you need a way to get to Dallas, you can view our used car inventory. We always have something available for you at Benson Honda. Enjoy the show!