Honda Attempts to Preserve Pieces of History

project-drive-in-hondaTechnological advances, while important, can often erase pieces of the past. This is the danger facing many theaters; especially drive-ins. Movie studios have announced that by the end of this year, they will no longer be distributing 35mm prints of films.

This isn’t a problem for the theaters who have already converted to digital projectors, but those who cannot afford the cost, which is upwards of 75,000 dollars, may have no choice but to close. This includes Mission Marquee Plaza on Roosevelt Avenue.

In an attempt to save these historical landmarks, Honda has launched Project Drive-In, which will provide five drive-in theaters with digital projectors. Honda’s Social Marketing Manager, Alicia Jones, has said that the project is “committed to helping the remaining drive-in theaters flourish with the move to digital projection.”

San Antonio residents watch a movie at the newly renovated Mission Marquee Plaza.

Mission Marquee, formally Mission 4 Drive-In Theater, was opened in San Antonio in March of 1948. Throughout the years it has become a South Side landmark. A 2.3 million dollar renovation came with the name change after a vandalism in 2006 forced the theater to close. Though Mission Marquee no longer serves as a drive-in theater, it will continue to screen films and provide other activities.

The winning theaters, decided by vote, will host a special screening of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. Voting runs until September 9, 2013. Be sure to place your vote for Mission Marquee Plaza so we can keep this historical landmark alive. Visit to place your vote today.

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