Get sporty with the 2013 Honda Accord HFP package

2013 Honda Accord HFP Package

2013 honda accord hfp package
The Honda Accord HFP package make for one stylish Accord.

The 2013 Honda Accord is already a pretty sporty car. But consumers have the option of getting one that is even sportier – thanks to the 2013 Honda Accord HFP package. This package will give fans of the Accord a way to get a full customized performance version of the Accord. The ability to enjoy full customization has always been something that Honda fans have appreciated about the brand.

So, what does the 2013 Honda Accord HFP (Honda Factory Performance) package entail? It probably all starts with the wheels, which will be 19-inch specially designed alloy wheels. In addition, it will feature a decklid spoiler, sport suspension and underbody spoilers on the front, side and rear of the vehicle. On the inside, those choosing the Accord with this package will appreciate red interior illumination and specialized floor mats and badges.

2013 Honda Accord HFP package
Front to back, the HFP package Accord looks good.

While this might be an ideal situation for Honda fans, those of you interested will have to act quick to get a car equipped with the 2013 Honda Accord HFP package. That’s because Honda will only be selling 500 versions of this – meaning there will only be 500 Honda Accord Coupe’s on the road equipped with the HFP package. But as with anything, the more limited the number, the more people are likely going to want it.

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