How much fuel do you burn when speeding?

Speeding – it’s just a bad idea.

When most people think about the consequences of speeding, they think tickets. And sure, speeding tickets can be an unwelcomed occurrence and therefore a deterrent to speeding. But another speeding deterrent that many people don’t consider is the extra fuel that is used when you are driving faster. But, how much fuel do you burn when speeding? That is the question that will be the deciding factor for many motorists. Let’s take a look at what a recent report uncovered concerning the topic.

How much fuel do you burn when speeding?

Much of it comes down to simple math. If you drive 20 mph over the speed limit, you will get to your destination an hour earlier, providing it is 200 miles to the destination. But while you may have gotten there earlier, you will have on average burned through an extra two gallons of gas. Now it might not seem like a lot of gas to go through to arrive an hour earlier. But, this equation can be applied in smaller increments to everyday driving. When you add it up every day over a long period, it doesn’t seem to be worth it.

When you speed, you’ll need to be pulling over for this logo more often.

So how much fuel do you burn when speeding? It depends how much you are speeding. But really, is burning any extra fuel and chancing a ticket at the same time really worth it? Not to mention the increased risk of an accident that goes along with speeding.

There was an interesting point that came out of the conversation concerning Honda. The new Honda Accord was found to get the same highway fuel economy as the Ford Fusion Hybrid. And, the Accord was getting close to its advertised MPG even when traveling at speeds around 75 mph. That is a testament to Honda efficiency more than an ‘ok’ to speed. No matter what, your better MPGs are going to come when you are driving at reasonable speeds.