A partnership between Honda and GM could fast-track vehicle fuel cell technology

Honda fuel cell
Honda has been in the fuel cell game for a bit now.

Honda GM Fuel Cell Partnership

Honda and GM working together? You might think this not possible, as the companies are two of the largest automakers in the world. So naturally, they would be rivals in every sense, right? Well, they may be competing with each other for vehicle sales – but when it comes to technology that may one day be the future of transportation while helping the earth – the two are now partners. The Honda and GM fuel cell partnership is an interesting deal that both companies are hoping truly leads to something great.

So let’s take a closer look at the Honda and GM fuel cell partnership to see how it all is supposed to work. At the most basic level, both companies believe that fuel cell electric vehicles will be a big part of the future needs in the transportation field. Honda brings to the table its expertise in structural design and fuel cell production processes. GM, on the other hand, has some great experience in the field of fuel cell propulsion systems and the chemical reactions that go into such processes.

Honda GM partnership
Some people might be surprised at this partnership.

The hope is that the combination of the two superpowers in the auto world will lead to a next level of fuel cell and hydrogen storage technologies. There is a timeframe of getting this process nailed down by the year 2020.

In the meantime, Honda is currently working on the next FCX Clarity that is planned for a tentative launch of 2015. The Clarity has been a working model of what fuel cell technology could be for many years. But now, there is hope that it will be available on a much grander scale in the years to come.

We’ll stay up on the Honda and GM fuel cell partnership to see where it goes. But for now, you can enjoy the high-tech Honda cars in San Antonio that we already offer here at Benson Honda.