Maybe it’s obvious, but never leave your pet inside of a parked car in the heat

Dog in car
Your dog can get dangerously hot inside a parked car.

When you live in San Antonio, dealing with the heat is part of your lifestyle. But in these summer months, it can be especially difficult. And even though the heat is obvious, there are still people out there that leave their pets inside their cars. What they don’t know is that the temperatures inside a parked vehicle can quickly get very dangerous for a dog or other pet. That’s why one veterinarian in North Carolina is bringing awareness to the issue by taping himself inside of a parked car with a stopwatch and thermometer.

Not surprisingly, the temperatures inside the car where Dr Ernie Ward was doing his test quickly got extreme. Within 30 minutes of being inside a car with its windows cracked, the temperature reached 117 degrees. But that isn’t all, as the air inside a parked vehicle is also stagnant and doesn’t circulate – creating an even more unbearable situation.

Honda Civic interior
It can get way too hot in here when parked.

With dogs that are unable to sweat, the situation can quickly become deadly. With no way to cool itself inside of a parked car, a dog can quickly suffer brain damage and even death. Unfortunately, we hear these stories during the hotter months. And every time we wonder how the person didn’t know that was an awful situation for the animal. That’s why we are dedicating a blog post to something that may be obvious to many of you out there.

And if the health of your animal isn’t concern enough, there are plenty of people that will take the situation into their own hands if they come upon a vehicle that has an animal inside. Often people will notify the authorities of such animal torture – as that is really what it is.

So obviously, always err on the side of caution with your pet. And if you need some car service in San Antonio to get your AC or something working, let us know about that too here at Benson Honda.