The Honda Fit – a safe car for man and…kitten?

2013 Honda Fit
Make sure that any animals on board ride inside your vehicle.

Now we knew that the Honda Fit was a safe small car, but this is getting a little ridiculous. You may have heard this one, but we were struck by the story of the kitten in a Honda Fit. As the story goes, a 3-week old kitten survived a 1,000 mile road trip (from Oregon to California) under the hood of an unsuspecting owner’s Honda Fit. After continuing to hear the sound of a kitten but unable to actually find it, the owner of the car sought out some professional help who located the little cat. Luckily, all ended well as the kitty was completely unharmed.

Kitten in a Honda Fit

While we would ask that no one ever try to transport a kitten in a Honda Fit – at least not under the hood – the story is an amazing portrayal of the survival nature of animals. And a cool piece to parlay into talking about the safety of the Honda Fit. And that’s just what we are going to do here.

The kitten did what???

Unlike the kitten in a Honda Fit, you will be strapped in the driver seat when you operate your Honda Fit. But when you do, you will experience the safety and comfort of the active head restraints that actually move forward in the incident of a rear impact. In this and other impacts, there will also be front side airbags and a passenger side occupant position detection system that keeps you and your riders protected.

And before it even gets that far, the Honda Fit offers an Advanced Compatibility Engineering Body Structure that protects anyone inside the vehicle. This structure allows energy to be evenly distributed throughout the vehicle in the event of an accident.

Like the kitten, we’re hoping everything goes fine when you ride in the Honda Fit. But, it’s good to know that if something were to happen, the Fit offers some systems that are there for your safety.