Could the glass in car windshields be changing?

car windshield
A clear view – what more could you want?

You probably don’t put much thought into the materials that make up your car’s windshield. It’s some form of glass and you can see out of it – not much else really matters. The current car windshield is typically made up of two panes of glass with a plastic layer in between that holds everything in place. That’s why a windshield keeps its place inside the vehicle even when it is broken. But while we may not have major complaints with our windshields, it is possible big changes could be coming in the form of Gorilla Glass car windshields.

Gorilla Glass Car Windshields

While this idea might be rumor at this point, it is easy to see why it could become a reality. Gorilla Glass, as many of you know, is scratch-resistant glass that is a component of many of the smart phones on the market. Having a windshield that is scratch and chip resistant would obviously be a benefit for whatever vehicle manufacturer offered such a product.

Gorilla Glass
Gorilla Glass – coming soon to a car near you?

But beyond just being scratch resistant, there would be other advantages to Gorilla Glass car windshields as well. The glass is actually lighter than what is used now – a big factor since car manufacturers are continually trying to make vehicles lighter. It also forms a better acoustical barrier – another area of interest to car makers.

But it isn’t all roses, as making Gorilla Glass car windshields would be expensive. But supposedly, there is already one automaker looking into making this a reality. So while it is an expensive technology, it just might be worth it.

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