Car radios are in the middle of a stage of transition

How Long will Cars have AM/FM Radios?

cd player
You might not see CD players or radios in vehicles much longer.

How long will cars have AM/FM radios? Some reports seem to suggest that car radios as we know them could become a thing of the past sooner than some of us may be comfortable with. While it may be an unwelcomed change to some, others welcome the new technology that is replacing traditional radios with opened arms. The transition makes sense since cars continue to come equipped with new ways to not only listen to music, but be totally connected through smartphone integration and other special features.

Honda is at the forefront of the vehicle technology era. Here at Benson Honda, our new cars in San Antonio feature some of the latest and greatest technologies in the industry. And being that a lot of the integration is being done hands-free, it’s obvious that car manufacturers are making safety a top priority. People are going to be using technology in vehicles one way or the other. But by making it hands-free, the idea is to keep it as safe as possible.

So how long will cars have AM/FM radios? Well, one stumbling block to getting rid of AM/FM radios altogether could be a connectivity issue. The fact is, high-speed cell signal isn’t available everywhere at this point. And until it is, the reliability of radio waves will still trump the technology.

honda infotainment
This is more what you can expect to see.

CD players also appear to be heading by the wayside as many people these days buy music online and own it all digitally. Fewer CDs in the rotation creates less of a need for the CD players itself. Car companies have caught on to this as well, as we have been seeing fewer vehicles being produced with CD players in them.

So if you really love the classic AM/FM radio, you might have to hook up your own in the future. Because we might not be far away from seeing those going away – in vehicles at least.