2013 Honda Fit Sport is style in a small container

2013 Honda Fit Sport
Experience the Honda Fit Sport in person!

2013 Honda Fit Sport San Antonio TX

You might be aware of the overall roominess of the Honda Fit. But something that is not probably mentioned enough is the major fun-factor of the vehicle and the impressive style it has. The Honda Fit is definitely high-style for a small car – something that consumers really appreciate here at Benson Honda. And the most stylish version of the Fit is here as well in the form of the 2013 Honda Fit Sport in San Antonio TX.

2013 Honda Fit Sport inside
Picture yourself sitting in the driver’s seat of the Honda Fit Sport

The Honda Fit Sport includes some very sleek lines that make it standout in not just the subcompact category – but all segments. The sleek design is complimented by the fact that it is actually a very zippy little car. This comes from the 117 horsepower engine that gives the lightweight car some great power. This is assisted by the 106 pound-feet of torque that comes at a low RPM, meaning the get-up-and-go factor is high on the 2013 Honda Fit Sport in San Antonio TX.

And while the Fit’s actual interior room is impressive, the style of the interior is right there as well. It’s not the usual bland interior found in other subcompact vehicles on the market. No, the Fit interior actually looks like one that was thought out with care instead of being slapped together for the low priced market.

Basically, if you’re in the market for a subcompact vehicle, the 2013 Honda Fit Sport in San Antonio just makes sense. At the very least, you need to take a test drive in San Antonio and give the car a shot in person. If you haven’t driven a Honda before, you will be surprised at what you find in the lowest price range of the vehicle lineup. It might just make you someone that becomes a Honda lifer! Who knows?