Honda Civic LX is a technological marvel for the price range

Honda Civic LX Technology Features

2013 Honda Civic
A great car for a great price – the 2013 Honda Civic.

Honda lovers have come to expect the best from the vehicles in the Honda lineup. Surprisingly though, the company continually seems to be able to deliver the goods. Consider the new Honda Civic LX in San Antonio. This small car comes in at an affordable price – but you wouldn’t know that by looking at the standard features on it. The Honda Civic LX technology features make it a clear standout in the segment for us – and we think you’ll agree.

Possibly the most obvious of the Honda Civic LX technology features is the backup camera that the vehicle has. You read that right – the backup camera is a standard feature on the LX. Try to find another vehicle in this price range that offers a backup camera as a standard feature. You’ll be looking a long time.

Once you use something like a backup camera, you’ll wonder how you got by without it. Like many new technologies, the backup camera isn’t meant to replace physically looking around for obstacles. But, it makes it much easier to identify if something is directly behind your vehicle. Basically, it makes backing up safer for you and safer for potential pedestrians.

Honda Civic backup camera
A backup camera is convenient and provides extra safety.

Looking for some more Honda Civic LX technology features? How about a full suite of smartphone integrations? These include Bluetooth, USB input, Pandora internet radio and audible text messaging. Ranging from entertaining to convenient, these Honda Civic LX technology features are just a few more factors that separate the small Honda car from the pack.

All in all, you’d be hard pressed getting more out of a small car in this price range – especially on the technology front. You probably didn’t need another reason to check out the new Civic, but we gave it to you anyway. Now you’ll have to take the next step and set up a Civic test drive in San Antonio here at Benson Honda.