How safe is the Honda Pilot?

How Safe is the Honda Pilot?

2013 Honda Pilot
The new Honda Pilot is a very safe family ride.

Safety is obviously a main point of interest for families. The safer the vehicle, the more likely you are going to consider the vehicle as your family vehicle. A popular family ride in our lineup is the 2013 Honda Pilot in San Antonio. So that begs the question: How safe is the Honda Pilot? Let’s take a look at the safety aspects of this versatile crossover from Honda.

The first line of defense in any accident is the actual structure of the vehicle. This is an area where the Pilot comes through shining. The Pilot features an Advanced Compatibility Engineering Body Structure that distributes energy evenly in the event of an accident. The crash energy is properly distributed through a series of connected structural elements that make the Pilot both strong and safe.

The next thing keeping you safe if something goes wrong is brakes. Many vehicles feature anti-lock brakes (ABS), but the Pilot also has Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD). This allows for the front and rear brakes to provide balanced performance during many different situations.

Honda Pilot airbags
Safety is a big part of the Honda Pilot’s success.

Of course, there are multiple interior elements making the Honda Pilot a safe ride as well. These include Dual-Stage Multi-Threshold airbags in the front, side airbags and three-row curtain airbags. Basically, any area that an occupant could come in contact with is protected with a safety air bag.

Add in Vehicle Stability Assist with Traction Control and you’ve got one safe ride in the industry. So how safe is the Honda Pilot? Well, we’d say it’s pretty darn safe for you and your family. But don’t just take our word for it – stop down in person to Benson Honda and sit in the cockpit of the Pilot by scheduling a test drive!