Honda Fit interior room almost seems impossible

Honda Fit Interior Room

2013 Honda Fit cargo space
The interior space on the Fit will amaze you.

The Honda Fit has always defied the odds when it comes to the small car market. We say this because it has what we call the “circus car effect.” What we mean by this is that the car is very small and convenient overall, but has what seems like an impossible amount of room inside. So naturally, the Honda Fit interior room is among the best in the small car market.

As for headroom, the Fit has 40.4 inches in the front and 37.3 inches in the back seats. Legroom is 41.3 inches in the front and 35.2 inches in the back. Overall passenger volume on the Honda Fit in San Antonio is 89.3 cubic feet. And the cargo capacity on the Honda Fit is where things get really impressive, as the car features 49.2 cubic feet of space with the rear seat down. To put this in perspective, the Ford Fiesta hatchback, a close competitor, has just 26 cubic feet of maximum cargo space.

So there’s no debating the outstanding level of Honda Fit interior room. But where the Fit lineup further stands out is on models like the Fit EV. This completely electric small car is built in the exact same way as the traditional Honda Fit – with the only difference being the electric powertrain. So this gives the Honda Fit EV some great features in the electric car market, which includes outstanding interior room for an electric vehicle.

The best way to experience the Honda Fit interior room is to try it out in person. Take a Honda test drive in San Antonio and see how incredibly roomy the Fit really is. Of course, we have other new and used cars in San Antonio as well for you to try out while you’re here. We can’t wait to see you!

2013 Honda Fit EV
The Honda Fit EV is made the same of the traditional fit – except for the powertrain.